Our Masonry Services

Our masonry expertise is unmatched in the Eastern Sierras. From any type of residential or commercial installation to repairing damaged stone, we have you covered. Our prompt and professional team can handle any size request and meet your exacting specifications. 

Residential & Commercial Installations

Stone construction imparts a timeless sturdiness wherever it is installed. Create a solid foundation that will last a lifetime, accent a home or impart solemnity to a business setting with a stone installations from Nicklas Wood + Stone.  

Steps & Entryways

Create an amazing first impression of your home with a beautiful stone facade and entryway. These sturdy entrances won’t just look impressive, but they’ll stand up to the toughest conditions mother nature can summon for years to come.


If your home was made to stand out, make sure the driveway doesn’t disappoint. A bespoke stone driveway imparts an immediate impression of uniqueness and attention to detail. 


Stone walls, whether functional or simply aesthetic, are a statement. They stand for permanence and give a feeling of strength and solitude wherever they stand. Make a statement and choose stone for your wall.

Fireplaces & Chimneys

The centerpiece of any living room they grace, fireplaces have been gathered around by friends and family for centuries. Make sure yours stands out and adds comfort to your living space.

Repairs, Renovations & Restorations

Even stone is impermanent. If the long years have caught up to your installation or an incident has damaged it, we’re here to repair and restore your stonework to its original beauty.


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