Our Hardwood Services

No one in the Eastern Sierra area knows hardwood floors better than Nicklas Wood + Stone. Our flooring specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in the hardwood flooring business and provide exceptional flooring services for both residential homes and commercial buildings alike.

Residential Hardwood Installation

Your home will glow with the timeless style a hardwood floor provides. Creating beautiful, long lasting hardwood floors and installations is our specialty. Your new hardwood floors will be durable and will look immaculate for years to come. 

Commercial Hardwood Installation

Our commercial hardwood installations are built to look good and last, even in high traffic settings. Whether you’re thinking of installing hardwood in an office setting or a bar/restaurant, go with Nicklas Wood + Stone. 

Hardwood Stair Installation

A hardwood staircase can be the centerpiece of a home or a beautiful accent. Hard work and craftsmanship really have an opportunity to shine through in our staircase installations. 

Hardwood Refinishing & Rennovation

A new finish can rejuvenate old hardwood. It restores the original color and reduce the appearance of wear and tear. If you’re looking to revitalize your hardwood and bring out its natural luster, our refinishing service is what you’re looking for.

Hardwood Repair & Cleaning

We keep your hardwood investment looking great by repairing or replacing damaged or broken floor boards. We take care to repair scratches, dents, nicks, watermarks, stains and other minor surface damage. Broken, gouged or cracked boards can be repaired or replaced. 

Hardwood Floor Removal

If you’re ready for a change, we can safely, quickly and cleanly remove an old hardwood installation. You’ll be ready for your new floor in no time and your space will be primed for whatever is coming next.


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